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Why Holistic Therapy

There is no doubt that the therapy field has changed drastically over the years, which can sometimes make is difficult for women and men to decide which therapeutic intervention would work best for them. From personal experience, I remember a time when I was having therapy, but I always felt that the approach that was used continued to keep me in a state of lack rather than growth. I found myself still seeking understanding of my emotions. Therefore I decided to learn about holistic modalities, which assisted me with understanding how the mind and body functions together. I began to utilise these skills in my day to day life, and this was when I truly began to connect with myself, and develop great awareness about my childhood trauma, the disconnect I had with my body image and relationships. I no longer live under labels, instead I use the power of my thoughts to create the reality I want to be seen as and feel as. 

I  specialises in Relationships, Addiction, Improving Low Self-Esteem and Body Love therapy. My mission is to help you heal from the inside out, through utilising Holistic Based therapy techniques, integrated with coaching skills, that will encourage you to connect with your true self and help you with self-acceptance.


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