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 Areas I specialise in

 I believe in nurturing rather than battling against the body. I want my clients to take control of their own healing. My aim is to help clients to understand how powerful their minds and bodies truly are. Healing yourself from the inside out can be an uncomfortable process- all things considered, at Embody You Therapies, I teach clients to embrace being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Each area I work with, fixates on challenging and alleviating your negative dominant thoughts, through creating an imprint on your subconscious mind, which prepares you for change and growth. 

Substance Misuse 

Negative Body Image

Low Confidence & Low Self Esteem

Attracting Healthy Relationships

Self Love/ Building a strong relationship with yourself

Anxiety & Depression

Childhood Trauma & Attachment 

Couples Therapy


Diandra's calming aura was everything I needed. I had a traumatic childhood always felt great shame and a sense of abandonment. Diandra explored my childhood wounds and how to dimmish my critical thoughts. I was addicted to cocaine; I was losing so much weight I couldn't even recognise myself. No matter how many steps I went back in my recovery, Diandra never judged me, instead she helped me to see why I kept self-sabotaging and focused on self-acceptance"


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