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Couples Therapy 

Relationships are not always easy but they should never cause you to feel unloved, unheard or uncared for. I have spent the past few years studying and implementing what makes or breaks a relationship. I work with couples to help them understand each others language. Believe it or not, when it comes to relationships, both men and women speak their own language. Women communicate through  their emotions, whereas men communicate through logic. Same sex couples also experience these divides because there is more likely to be someone in the relationship who is more aligned with their feminine or masculine energy.  These differences can sometimes cause an obstacle in our relationships, and rather than growing together, we start to grow apart and build resentment towards our partner. I continue to use holistic based interventions, but also look at ways to help you and your partner feel heard. We will explore couples exercises and ways to maintain or build a healthier loving relationship.

Diandra's calming aura was everything I needed. I had a traumatic childhood always felt great shame and a sense of abandonment. Diandra explored my childhood wounds and how to dimmish my critical thoughts. I was addicted to cocaine; I was losing so much weight I couldn't even recognise myself. No matter how many steps I went back in my recovery, Diandra never judged me, instead she helped me to see why I kept self-sabotaging and focused on self-acceptance"


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