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More Insight about me and my therapeutic approach

My style of practice is holistic based therapy to empower clients.  The holistic techniques are utilised to increase a person’s self-worth and finally embody self-love. I believe men and women deserves to live a fulfilled life and embody unshakable self-confidence. 


Do you ever feel jaded about your self-doubting thoughts limiting you from embracing your true-self? You are an amazing individual who is deserving of all of your desires and embodying your true magnetism and self-worthiness. As improbable as it may seem, I struggled with many aspects of my life. From lack of self-love, situationships and negative body image, I was unable to wholeheartedly see myself as enough. It was only when I started to study the power of the human mind, is when I began to challenge negative thoughts and emphasised that I AM ENOUGH JUST AS I AM.


This was a game changer for me, and I finally realised, that all these negative feelings and thoughts stem from one thing only which is YOU and YOUR self-concept. Our self-concept starts from the day we are born and how we have conditioned to be or behave in society. Our childhood wounds keep us on a low-vibration which prevents us from connecting with our true self. 

I desire to help you heal within to ensure that you break free from these negative thoughts or relationships. I want to share with you the skills that I learnt to empower myself and feel worthy and enough in society again. Whether you are struggling to find fulfilling and meaningful relationships, struggling with  low self-esteem to negative body image, these new therapy techniques will teach you a life of magnetism and self-acceptance- because YOU are IMPORTANT and LOVEABLE just as you are. 


Let's diminish these negative thoughts together, so you can connect with yourself deeply, because where attention goes, energy flows, and the only energy you need flowing in your life is loving and high vibrational energy.

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